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How to Become an Investment Banker? Top Skills Needed

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If you find yourself a critical thinker, financially skilled, and have analytical abilities, investment banking is a great career choice. You need to know that investment banking is a challenging job. However, ambitious and self-motivated bankers are encouraged to work long hours and enjoy the perks of this well-paid job. 

If the role of an investment banker excites you and you are all set to jumpstart your career, here is everything you need to know! 

How to start your Investment Banking Career? 

Thinking ‘how to get into investment banking‘? The first step to begin your investment banking career is knowing the job responsibilities. 

Job Responsibilities 

The profile of an investment banker is wide and includes several responsibilities and tasks. 

  • Investment banking professionals understand the financial requirements and goals of the company. 
  • They act as a link between investors and companies wishing to acquire capital. 
  • They are adept at using financial models and creating new ones. 
  • Studying past and latest stocks, bonds, and markets is also under their job arena. 
  • The investment banker collects and manages financial data. They analyze and review company portfolios and find investment opportunities. 
  • They devise new methodologies and create financial offerings. 
  • They collect and prepare reports related to portfolios, financial transactions, future projections, etc. 
  • They use spreadsheets and financial software to create presentations and pitch investment opportunities. 
  • They review why or why not to invest in a certain deal. 
  • They also take care of routine and administrative duties. 

How to Become an Investment Banker? 

To start a career in investment banking, you must go through a structured process. Here are the steps to follow: 

Obtain a Bachelor’s Degree 

For a successful career in investment banking, the first thing to do is to get a bachelor’s degree in finance or related fields. You can major in economics, business, accounts, statistics, etc. This degree teaches the students the basics of finance, like financial forecasting, financial analyses, assessing financial statements, overviewing financial markets, etc. 

Earn Master’s Degree 

If you are looking forward to grabbing a higher-level position in investment banking, a graduate degree will not suffice. You will have to obtain a master’s degree either in finance or business with a finance specialization. It will make you more competitive and raise your paycheck. 

Get a Certification in Investment Banking 

Enrolling in an investment banking certification course is important to achieve a competitive edge and make your profile more powerful. The investment banking courses enhances the student’s knowledge and helps develop key skills needed for a flourishing career. 

Complete Internship 

The investment bankers need to join an entry-level job. Completing internships can get you real-world experience. You can also talk to your institute about getting career bridge programs. As an intern, you can work as an investment banking analyst for a few years. Then, you can pursue an advanced degree or get promoted to higher profiles. 

Develop Skills 

The job of an investment banker is not easy. For a lucrative investment banking career path, you need to acquire a variety of technical and soft skills: 

  • An investment banking career needs the aspirants to be financially sound. 
  • You must be comfortable working with numbers. 
  • You must hone your skills in financial statements, accounting, financial modeling, data valuation, investment planning and opportunities identification, etc. 
  • The investment banking industry necessitates professionals to acquire business skills. This will help them deliver a wise solution. 
  • Investment bankers are analytical and intellectual people. They gather new data, manage projects, solve problems in high-pressure environments, etc. 
  • The ability to innovate an idea and deliver an effective plan can take you toward career advancement. 
  • Investment banking is the best for people with good communication and public speaking skills. This helps them pitch investment opportunities to the clients. 
  • You also must work on your presentation skills. This will allow you to showcase complex financial information effectively. 
  • Leadership skills are important in this field. This will help you lead your team and work more efficiently. 
  • Establish relationships and create networking with key people in the industry. In the investment banking field, the ability to attract and retain clients matters a lot. Building strong bonds plays a significant role in finance. 
  • Successful bankers also have a strong social presence. They deal with eminent personalities, understand their attitude, and have trustworthy client relationships. 
  • Since investment banking is a high-pressure job, you must be able to handle challenges. 

Start your Job as an Investment Banker 

Now that you have your bachelor’s, master’s, certification, and internship, you can start your career in investment banking. The bankers gain seniority in a few years and become vice presidents and directors. 

Wrapping up 

There is no looking back after getting the best education, earning certification and internship, and creating networking! Keep advancing in your career through continual evolvement and learning. Always be ready for the next challenges and become a pro-investment banker! 

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